Disappearing Fountain Installation

This photo series shows an installation of one type of disappearing fountain. The steps are described below. Please contact us for more specific questions.

Find a place for the fountain

Dig the hole for the basin assembly as close to the size and shape as possible.

Use sand under the basin

Cover bottom of hole with sand or fine gravel. This helps to level the basin.

Level the base layer

It’s important to make the sand as level as possible. Add additional support here if the fountain piece is heavy.

Place the basin in the hole

Place the basin carefully into the hole. Don’t backfill around the basin until you have water in it.

Put cinder block for support

This type of basin assembly requires standard cinder block for support of the fountain piece. More blocks means more strength. Holes should be on the side.

Put in the pump and valve assembly

Install the pump and tubing, threading the tubing through the holes in the cinder blocks. This set-up has three vases and the flow control valves have to be here. Some vases allow the valve to be installed inside the vase, not under.

Pump and valve assembly

This is the valve manifold assembly needed for this type of set-up. Many will have the valves inside the vase where access is easier. These vases have no opening where a valve can be installed.

Cut an access door in the grate

Before placing the grate on top of the cinder block, cut a diagonal opening to make a door for pump access. The door for this project is cut at about 15 inches on the sides.

Put grate on top of the cinder block

Cut holes in the grate to allow each tube to come through.

Add the mesh layer

Cut matching holes in the mesh for the tubing to come through. This layer is important to prevent gravel from falling through the grate.

Position your vases

Put the vases on the mesh layer, attaching the tubing to the fitting on the bottom.

Add water before backfilling with soil

Add good topsoil around the outside of the basin, but only after filling it with water. Add a few large rocks for interest.

Add decorative pebbles

Choose stone to cover the mesh and add accent to your new fountain.

Enjoy your finished fountain

The simplicity and beauty of a Disappearing Fountain is what makes this type of water garden an attractive choice for today’s busy lifestyle!



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