These winter hardy plants give a dramatic show in a water garden with large round leaves and showy flowers in mid to late summer.  Unlike a water lily, the leaves are held above the water. On large varieties, they may reach up to 4 to 6 feet or more! They can grow best and largest when well fertilized. Largest plants and flowers are seen on plants grown in large containers.

 Suggestions for Tub or Barrel Planting

 Lotus provide an interesting, bold texture in your pond with their large round leaves held above the water’s surface. Height of each plant and size of leaves is determined by variety and amount of fertilization. These plants are heavy feeders and can be fertilized up to twice a month in the growing season. They prefer a full sun location and water depth of 8-18″ over the soil level. They are winter hardy and can be left in your pond through the winter.

 An interesting way to display your Lotus is to sink a large container in the soil beside the pond. This leaves more room in your pond and allows you to have a Lotus beside a pond that may otherwise be too small. If the container is large enough, it will overwinter where it is.

 Lotus also make very dramatic and lovely containerized plants for patio or deck. Use a large earthenware vase or similar container as a patio pond for your lotus. These must be protected in the winter.