Rubber Liners

EPDM-II 45 mil liners are economical and easy to install. Fish-friendly, heavy duty, black material has a twenty year limited warranty. The expected life of this liner should be significantly longer when protected from sunlight exposure. Rocks or other coping will protect the edges from damaging sunlight. Rubber is the easiest liner to work with, even in cold temperatures.

Rubber liners let you make your pond any depth, size or shape while keeping a very natural effect.

When building a pond using rubber liner, we recommend digging the hole and ordering the liner to go into it. Most liners are shipped within 24 hours of ordering and custom cut liners come from rolls in stock at the nursery. To measure the liner needed, measure the hole as follows (measurements are made in Feet, ft):

Max. Length + Max. Depth + Max. Depth + 2ft = Minimum Length

Max. Width + Max. Depth + Max. Depth + 2ft = Minimum Width

We recommend allowing extra liner to avoid shortage. This allows for miscalculations, changes in plans, or other unforeseen circumstances. Remember to allow enough liner for submerged rocks and plant shelves. If you are unsure about the size to order please call with your measurements and we’ll help you in ordering the correct size.