Algae-Off Granular Algaecide – 10lb.


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This product has a new name. It will be shipped under the name AquaFix Dry. Only the ten pound bucket will be available as Algae-Off.
Other sizes are under the name of AquaFix Dry.Dissolve string algae away.

Uses Oxygen power.
Cleans rocks, waterfalls, plant pots, streams and and any area where organic debris accumulates.
We use this to clean our waterfall rocks.
Turn off waterfall and sprinkle on.
Let product sit for 15-30 minutes then turn falls back on. You’ll be amazed!
Algae-Off will help remove attached organic debris from from waterfalls, streams and rocks in seconds.
Use the maintenance dose of Algae-Off once a week.
Algae-Off will also keep fountain intakes clean and remove unsightly scum from the perimeter of any size pond.

Application Rates:

      • Heavy organic matter: 3-16 Tablespoons for every 1000 gallons.
      • Maintenance Dosage: 1-5 Teaspoons per 1000 gallons.
      • Spot Treatment: 1-5 Teaspoons per affected area.
      • Use weekly.