Blue Ridge Cool Water Wheat Koi and GoldFish > Fish Food 5lb.




Blue Ridge Cool Water
Cool Water Wheat provides improved digestibility at low temperatures—when koi and goldfish metabolisms are slow.
This feed should be used when water temperatures are below 60 degrees F.
Available only in large pellet

Blue Ridge Koi & Goldfish Foods
Through years of extensive testing and refinement, Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery has developed what they feel is the perfect diet for koi and goldfish. The health, growth and appearance of koi and goldfish are directly related to the quality of the fish food used. The food is only as good as the ingredients used. Blue Ridge’s Koi and Goldfish Food contains the proper levels of protein, vitamins and minerals that have allowed Blue Ridge to produce literally tons of healthy goldfish and koi for the water garden industry. This year features enhanced diet with the addition of Encapcell, a microencapsulated nucleotide designed to increase growth and prevent disease. (Go ahead, Google it!) This all-season diet contains stabilized Vitamin C and all food elements for increasde growth and vitality. If you want to, you can feed up to four times a day once water temperatures go over 50 degrees. You can still feed this food once a day at temperatures ranging between 40 and 50 degrees. (Yes, the same food!) Do not feed below 40 degrees. We also have the Blue Ridge Food in Cool Water Wheat Germ for those who want to feed their fish a more easily digested floating food.

  • At any temperature, do not leave uneaten food longer than ten minutes.