Savio Livingpond Waterfall Filter – F200



The Livingponds Versatile Filter has a two inch wide outflow as shown to the left on the diagram.(The diagram shows a comparison to the F100 that uses a spillway) The pipe outlet allows placement of the filter somewhere other than at the top of a waterfall. Placement must be above the level of the pond and falls. You can place filter in a room, shed, or behind shrubs for easy disguise. Requires piping of outflow through two-inch pipe. It comes filled with non-clogging Savio Springflo media and a polyester filter mat on top. There is an optional bottom drain kit available which allows you to connect a valve at the bottom of the filter to make cleaning easy. The modular design allows the units to be easily joined in tandem for extra filtration. The recommended pump flow is between 500 & 3000 GPH.<br><br>Dimensions: 22″ Wide x 24″ Front to Back x 30.5″ Tall.<br><br>