Install a skimmer to remove floating leaves and other floating debris from the surface of the pond. A skimmer takes off the excess fish food before it has a chance to foul the water.

A skimmer makes it easy to hide the pump from view and provides easy wintertime access for pump cleaning.

The Savio Skimmerfilter system has three choices of faceplate openings to accommodate different flow rates. The Compact Skimmerfilter has two faceplate choices. The faceplate is chosen according to the flow rate of the pump that you’ll install inside it. You can also select from optional UV sterilizer lamps that are able to be installed inside the skimmer unit. Easy to clean filter pad is contained in a removeable cage for quick cleaning.

The Elite Skimmers by Pondbuilder are sturdy skimmers that boast a high volume of inlet flow rates. Featuring Matala filter media, they are easy to clean.

The pump is placed inside of the skimmer where it is out of sight. The suction of the pump vaccuums the surface of the pond as it pulls water through the skimmer opening. Any floating surface debris nearby is pulled into the skimmer where it is trapped in a removeable basket. The water then passes through filter media, making the skimmer a pre-filter for the pump.

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