Pond Construction

Liners, Fiberglass Ponds, Patio Ponds, Paint (Stuff that holds water)

Well, the pond has to start somewhere. Now you have to choose which type of water garden you want. Do you want to start small? How about a patio pond? A small water garden is just the thing for a patio, porch, deck or nestled right into the garden. This type of water garden is a great gift idea.

Maybe you want to jump right in and do a larger, more elaborate garden. Most people do. If so, choose a rubber liner for versatility in size, shape and depth of your garden pond. Because you start out with a flat flexible sheet of rubber, you fit the liner to whatever shape of hole you have dug. Using the diagram on the pond liner installation page, you can create ledges that of stone and planting zones that hide what material your pond is made of. Rubber liners offer the best in ease of installation and durability.

Pre-formed ponds are great for places where you need to build up around the water garden instead of digging it into the ground. Where this kind of strength is important, our line of fiberglass ponds are the strongest on the market for in or out of the ground. They are able to hold the weight of water with out any additional support.