Floating Tropical Plants

Planting is simple with floating plants, just toss them in and they float according to the will of the wind. Buoyant leaves keep these plants afloat, making them great natural spawning areas for fish as well as protection for fish, large and small. Their best contribution to the pond, however, is the enhanced water quality that you get from them. The roots dangle in the water and readily absorb organic pollutants. They also form a very aggressive mat of plants that shade the water below, keeping it cool and dark, thus reducing algae growth. As an edge planting, push roots between rocks on the submerged edge of the pond. These planted floaters will root among the stones, and will often grow fuller and flower better. Hyacinths will also adapt well to planting into the stream bed where water rushes over the weighted down root system. Good, inexpensive, quick cover for new water gardens. Hyacinths prefer full sun and Lettuce prefers light shade. Available in mid-May. Sorry…NO Sales to AL, AR, AZ, CA, FL, LA, OK, SC, TX, City of Chicago

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