Annual Day Blooming

Add vibrant colors and fragrance to your water garden. Tropical water lilies, usually treated as annuals, add interesting leaves and many more flowers than hardy lilies. These plants tend to be larger and wider spreading, so a bigger space is needed. With flowers standing above the water, tropical lilies produce a succession of flowers from June to frost. In areas of the deeper south, tropical plants last late into the winter months.

Day blooming varieties and night blooming ones will extend the enjoyment around the clock. With adequate fertilization, these lilies will produce lush foliage and many flowers all season. (See Planting Supplies). If well fed, the lilies make leaves often reaching 6-10 inches in diameter with a leaf spread of four to seven feet or larger.

Due to variable availability, cultivars will vary, but will come as labeled, named hybrid varieties.
Available for shipment around the end of May. States south of Virginia and coastal area will be shipped first. We don’t want to ship them too early, only to be placed in water that is too cold.
Day Blooming Lilies – With flowers opening each day in mid morning, this group of lilies will display color until late afternoon before closing for the night. The leaves are often speckled or mottled for added interest even when not flowering. Place these lilies prominently in your pond for a spectacular focal point.

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