Disappearing Fountains and Statuary

Take a look above and to the right at the inventory of pots at Springdale. This is only a portion of them! You’ve got come see them to believe it!

What a great way to make a really beautiful addition to your landscape! You choose heavy ceramic pottery, a statue or a stone fountain and build your own water feature. Put your disappearing fountain where you can see it from your home and patio. Sun or shade doesn’t matter like it does for a water garden. A disappearing fountain can be placed anywhere you want the look and sound of flowing water.

The photos below show various examples of disappearing fountains and many of our vases made of the highest quality oriental pottery. New photos are added occasionally.

Please check out some of our pottery collections to see the colors, textures, sizes and shapes on the Disappearing Fountain Vases, Statuary and Pottery page! Click on the link to the left.

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