Fish Information

Stocking Your Pond With Fish.

Fish add a delightful element to any garden pond. Often becoming household pets, even with names, they provide hours of joy and entertainment.

Stock a new water garden at the rate of one inch of fish per every 8 gallons of water, waiting 3 to 4 weeks after introducing plants (this allows the absolutely necessary beneficial bacteria to populate the pond). Back-up Water Garden Bacteria (see Treatments and Supplies) should also be introduced prior to stocking with fish to promote healthy water. This initial stocking rate allows room for growth and reproduction. All of the fish listed below are compatible with each other. Koi and Golden Orfe have some limitations for treatment; please read instructions carefully before applying treatments to your ponds when these fish are present.

The listing in this section represents our normal stock of ornamental fish. Due to varying seasonal availability, we cannot guarantee all fish are available at the same time. However, we make every effort to keep these sizes in stock and often have other sizes or varieties in stock as well. Visit our nursery or let us send our fish to you.

For pick-up or shipment, we will carefully pack your fish with protectants for travel and stress. They are placed in oxygenated bags, to ensure their safe travel and healthy arrival in your pond.

Dechlorinate your pond (see Pond Care Supplies) when your pond is filled. Always treat the pond immediately prior to introducing fish, even when there is no chlorine. The protectants in dechlorinators help eliminate transport stress, or you can add a slimecoat enhancer.

Feed your fish to encourage them to be friendly. Daily feeding keeps the fish coming to the surface especially where floating foods are used. Fish feed Spring, Summer and Fall, but not in the winter. Consider getting a book for some great tips on fish care and other aspects of water gardening! (See Below)
Shipping Information for Fish and Snails

Add $5.00 per Box for packaging. For Fish, we pack about 60 inches per box. For snails, we pack up to 500 per box. In cold weather we can get a few more and in hot weather a few less per box. Fish & snails are shipped Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY, by UPS or Air Freight. All fish must be shipped to arrive at their destination within two days and in warmer weather must be shipped to arrive within 24 hours. If fish and scavengers are to be shipped overnight, the additional costs are added to your final cost. We charge actual shipping and can give a close estimate when you place your order. We only ship using overnight service in the late spring, summer, and early fall. All fish shipments requiring air freight or expedited shipping will be charged actual freight.

Fish and snails are guaranteed live arrival if shipped or 48 hours if picked up. Extra fish and snails are normally shipped to offset any minor losses in transit. Snails may not move when placed in the pond for up to several days.