Hardy Lotus

Lotus are only available potted, for pick up at our nursery in Virginia. Potted plants can’t be shipped. Come to our nursery for a great selection of potted Lotus, NOW!!!

Bare root season FOR 2023 begins TAKING ORDERS IN FEBRUARY SHIPS MARCH and ends in MAY.

A series of production tanks full of lotus.

Large round leaves provide an interesting coarse texture that is a must for your pond. Fragrant flowers from July thru early September. These winter-hardy plants add a dramatic effect to the pond. They can also be used outside the pond in their own container or on a patio or deck. Plants for above ground use must be protected for the winter. Insulate the pots by surrounding with mulch. A patio pond de-icer can also help ensure survival during the winter. (Click the on Seasonal Care Link on the main page). If the pot is submerged in the pond, no additional steps are needed to protect the roots. Fertilize regularly for full growth potential. INVASIVE IN SOIL PONDS.

Bare Root Tubers are shipped March to May only. If the weather gets too warm, availability in May diminishes rapidly.. Order early to reserve your plants. POTTED Lotus of most varieties are available for pick up year round. Pot size varies according to variety.

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