Mag Drive – PondMag 2 Pump


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Pondmaster MagDrive Pumps

Designed for Energy Efficiency, PondMag pumps have only one moving part, the impeller. These are a dependable and economical choice for waterfall applications. Grey plastic pump has an epoxy encapsulated motor. Comes with a five year manufacturer’s warranty (*Except HyDrive pumps that are warrantied for three years)and are UL listed. Can be used in-line or fully submerged. Pumps come with a strainer or a foam pre-filter. HyDrive pumps have a screened intake instead of a foam filter.

This Mag-Drive Pump features:

  • Cord Length 18 feet
  • AMP/Watts 0.3/24
  • Discharge size 1/2 inch MPT
  • Recommended tubing size 3/4 inch ID or larger
  • Gallons per hour at outlet height of:
    • 1 foot – 250
    • 3 feet – 170
    • 5 feet – 75
  • Shutoff – 7 feet