NWG Waterfall Spillway – 9-1/2″


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Waterfall Spillways by NWG

The preformed plastic boxes pictured here are used to make building a waterfall easier by spreading the water into a gentle cascade over the spillway edge. Choose from the two sizes to make the starting point of your waterfall, Comes with barbed fittings to attach to spiral tubing.

Designing and building waterfalls with beautiful cascades of water is now easier than ever!!! Position spillway at the top of the waterfall liner, attach the tubing from your pump and you have an instant cascade to start your stream or waterfall. Easy!!!

Small Spillway comes with:

  • 1-Ľ” Barb intake
  • Handles 250 to 1200 gallons per hour Dimensions 13″ wide x 16-1/2 long” x 6″ deep with a 9 1/2″ wide spillway lip.